Recent Publications

2018. Breaking State Impunity in Post-Authoritarian Regimes. Why Transitional Justice Mechanisms Deter Criminal Violence in New Democracies. Journal of Peace Research, 55(6): 787-809. (With Guillermo Trejo and Lucia Tiscornia).

2018. Criminalized Electoral Politics in Brazilian Urban Peripheries. Crime, Law, and Social Change, 69(4): 553-575.

2018. De-Institutionalization without Collapse: Colombia’s Party System. In Scott Mainwaring (Ed.), Latin American Party Systems: Institutionalization, Decay and Collapse. New York: Cambridge University Press, pp. 272-254 (with L. Gamboa and S. Mainwaring).

Work in progress

Book project:

Criminalized Electoral Politics. The Socio-Political Foundations of Electoral Violence in Brazil. [Working title]

Papers and Book Chapters:

  • Determinants of State Strength and Capacity: Understanding Citizen Allegiance. In: Challenges for Peace and Transitional Justice in Colombia, eds. James Meernik and Jacqueline DeMeritt. New York: Cambridge University Press. With Sarah Zukerman Daly. (Forthcoming)
  • Parties, Electoral Competition, and Criminal Political Violence in Brazil.
  • Criminalized Democracy: The Electoral Impact of Rio de Janeiro’s Gangs. (With Nicholas Barnes)
  • Mall Cop or Robocop? The Political Determinants of Police Militarization in Brazil. (With Lucía Tiscornia)
  • Armed Conflict and Ideological Self-Placement in Colombian Public Opinion.
  • Exploring Intra-Party Competition and the Effects of Electoral Reform. A Look at Colombia’s Local Elections, 1997-2011. (With Juan Pablo Milanese)
  • Public Opinion and Support for Transitional Justice in Colombia. Evidence from a Survey Experiment. (With Laura Gamboa)
  • (Un)protected Status: Citizenship Status and Divergent Subfederal Immigration Laws (With Andrea Peña-Vasquez, Ricardo Ramirez, and Juan A. Valdez)

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